Air Handling Units (AHUs)

Our Air Handling Units are designed specifically for every project. A completely modular construction allows us to adapt to every kind of technical rooms or false ceilings without the need of expensive reforms. In addition, modular construction eases the manipulation and assemblage at the construction site and permits incorporating new modules to the unit in case any alteration were needed. Thanks to this flexible system, units optimized in size and power are achieved, with the consequent energy and economic savings.

Our AHUs are produced with thermal insulation sandwich panels and white pre-lacquered metal plates on both sides. This type of panels remove heat losses in a better way to the ones of our competitors. On request the outside layers can be manufactured in AiSi stainless steel or other materials.

The structure profile is made of aluminum, with the possibility of using a thermal break profile for environments with extreme air conditions.

The filters installed, according to the specifications of each project, are be classified between EU-4 and EU-13 according to Eurovent 4/5 standards and between G4 and H13 according to European standard EN 779.

In case of AHUs with cooling batteries, the module includes a stainless steel condensate drain tray, with thermal insulation, in order collect the condensates.

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Since its beginnings, ARCI IBERICA has been committed to innovation and efficiency. For this reason, almost every kind of our units have plug-fan ventilators, where turbine and motor are directly coupled. This system has numerous advantages compared to the transmission fans: The possibility of in real-time regulation, greater efficiency due to eliminating pulley’s and belt’s losses, increased performances and lower power consumptions.


These fans are the most silent of the market. However, if the facility has a high requirement in low level noises, the units can be lined with acoustic panel decreasing the noise level up to 30 dB (A).


The AHUs can be manufactured with an energy recovery module, with enthalpic countercurrent flow plates recuperators, or with recovery batteries if a complete isolation between impulsion and return flows is required.

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Moistening modules can be supplied for those cases when very specific relative humidity conditions are required. All the units have their corresponding condensate collection tray connected with the drainage system. The main installed systems are: adiabatic systems, atomization, steam lance or any other system specified by the customer.

Some Examples of Air Handling Units

Module with Fan Control Sensor and Prefilter Section

Module wit Heat Exchanger and Filter Section

Module with Heat Exchanger and Fan Section


Steel AHU for High Temperature Environments

100% Customized Air Handling Units
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AHU detail


Selection charts

With the following charts you can make a relation between thermal power and air flow for the different sizes of air handling units we offer. However, for any clarification you may need, do not hesitate to contact us.

In modules with cooling coil, it is essential to know the thermal demand  to determine the number of rows of the coil.

*The thermal power is calculated for cold water from 7ºC to 12ºC and air at 27ºC and 50% RH.


The power estimation in modules with heating coil is determined with the two most common types of hot water: water at 85ºC / 70ºC and water at 50ºC / 45º. Air condition is 20ºC and 50% RH.

Once the air flow is determined, it is only necessary to choose the model that best suits our characteristics. With the following graph, making this choice is very simple.