Our Company

ARCI IBERICA was founded in 1965 by Mr. José Veuthey Cilveti in Madrid. Since then it maintains a strict business ethic and clearly defined objectives: Personalized and unique attention to our customers and high quality products.

Since our inception, we have focused our production on heat exchangers. Nowadays, after more than 50 years of experience and proven successes, we continue with this activity. The manufacturing consists of batteries made of copper, carbon steel, stainless steel and electric resistances, with particular characteristics that make them especially suitable for the most extreme environments (dryers, ovens, autoclaves, …).

As part of our natural evolution, from 1990 to the present day, at ARCI IBERICA S.A. we have diversified our production and manufacture air handling units incorporating our own exchangers to these units. These equipment are specially designed for industrial applications, with all types of filtering, energy recovery and free cooling.

We have done numerous works for hospitals, airports, offices, hotels, shopping centers, museums and laboratories, among others.

Quality Certification

At ARCI IBERICA we care about quality. For this reason we subject our products to the strictest controls during and after their manufacture. We fulfil the highest standards of quality and efficiency.  The components that are installed correspond to first-line brands, with a proven quality throughout these 50 years.

All our products have the CE mark and attach their corresponding security documents.

We hold the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for "Design and manufacture of Air Handling Units (AHU) and heat exchangers".


Values, Mission and Vision

Our Values remain the same since the very first day: direct and close contact with our customers and the efficiency of our machines and projects. Our objective is to satisfy any need our customers may have.

Our Mission is to offer our customers the manufacture of high quality air handling units and heat exchangers. To achieve this  we base in personalized attention and communication with the customer in the development of new products according to their specific requirements.

Our Vision is to become a reference of quality in our sector, always motivated by the idea of continuous improvement.